The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom: October Playlist and Schedule

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October ... this is my favorite time of the year. Fall is on its way. College Football is in full swing. (LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!) There are bonfires, sweaters, cookouts, chili and endless soups to devour. The leaves are turning and falling. And last, but not least, Halloween. 

My kids already have their costumes picked out and hanging in their closest ... just waiting. They are ready to dress up and for one nigh, get to be someone else. Oh yeah, and consume and ungodly amount of sugar. 

When I think about Halloween, I think about people escaping their real lives and for one night and getting to be someone they're not. Why is that fun? Because when you put on a costume, you know who you are. You're Batman, you're Hello Kitty, you're a cowboy or a nurse. You get to choose and you get to take on all the characteristic of those characters. You get to be brave and fearless. You get to be sweet and loved by all. You have an identity. 

Isn't that what we're all looking for? To know who we are and why we're here? Could it be that is what makes Halloween so fun and so scary? For one night we know who we are, but when the costume comes off, we enter back into that world of the unknown. We become Moms and Dads and Brothers and Sisters. We become (insert job title here). And we slip back into the world of confusion and struggle. And it can be hard and it can be scary. 

But the good news is that no matter how many of those titles that you do hold, mom sister friend wife ... you can still know who you are and what you're here for. Finding out who you are does not begin with looking within yourself. That's a strange place to start. To find out what you've been made for, shouldn't you first look at the one who made you?

So this month, my focus is on rooting down into who God is. It's in Him alone that I find out who I am. So join me Friends, unroll your mat, breathe deep, and root down into the word. 

And for you locals who want the yoga that goes with the playlist, find me below. If you need any more info, please comment or email and I'll get back as soon as I can!


  1. Hey girl! I commented on your IG that I would check out your I am! I love the playlist. Have you listened to 'A Little Longer' by Bethel yet? I can literally set it to repeat and practice yoga for an hour. Also.....I needed to hear this. I've heard a million times that we tend to love Halloween because we want a NEW identity, but never that maybe we just want some kind of solid identity at all, because so many of us have no idea who we are or should be. Now I want to just go sit with Jesus for a while. Thanks, love!

    1. Oh I love Bethel. So good. Thanks for stopping by! Praying you find joy on your journey with Jesus. ~Annie


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