A Masterpiece Beyond my Wildest Dreams

Friday, June 6, 2014

We got to check of a really fun thing on our Summer Bucket List yesterday! We went down to the Morris Museum of Art for the Mommy and Me Art Class. I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was my kids were bubbling over with excitement! Brewer loves art. Eva likes to Color, but Brewer loves making any kind of art. So, we signed up!

We walked into the  museum just before 10am. My kids were in awe of the beautiful paintings and spun wooden bowls they had on display in the foyer.  Of course, Brewer wanted to touch every single one and Eva wanted to have dance party on the marble floor. I had a mild panic attach seeing our picture in tomorrow’s headline, “Family Destroys Art Museum In World Record Time!” But honestly, they did great.
We all gathered and together and our teacher led us down the hallway to visit todays painting.

We talked about the painting for a little bit and then read, Minnie's Diner.
"Down on the farm one morning, Papa McFay orders his sons to hop to their chores. But from Minnie’s kitchen wafts a smell that gets the boys itchin’, and one by one, they succumb to the call of that sweet aroma. Each brother arrives at Minnie’s twice as hungry as his brother before — and looking for twice as much grub. Will they be in double trouble when Papa McFay tracks them down? With singsong rhythms and comical illustrations spiced with flavor, Dayle Ann Dodds and John Manders serve up a humorous lesson in multiplication."
The kids loved it! The plates got bigger and bigger and the kids giggled and giggled! When story time was over we all walked down to the art room. Our project for the day was creating a plate filled with all our favorite foods. Brewer and Eva thought and drew and colored and cut and glued! In the end they had a really amazing time.
I expected they would have fun, but what I didn't expect was how I would feel. I have not walked through those doors in many many years. It's one of those moments that your mind just can not reconcile. The last time I was in that building, I was a single woman in college. I was an art student. I spent many hours walking around those hallways. It's funny how smell can truly take you back.
I sat on the floor with my children, watching them giggle and squirm and was filled with so much joy. I wondered what they really thought as they walked past all those paintings. I wondered if they understood the beauty in them.
Rounding the corner to the art room, I was flooded with emotion as we walked into the same room I studied art in college. I can't really explain the feeling watching my children create in the same space I used to create. Looking at them filled with so much imagination, believing that anything they wanted to create was possible, I couldn't help but think of that young girl so many years ago feeling the same way. Who was she? How many of those dreams she had came true?
I am most definitely a different woman now. It was around that time in my life when I really started to understand that, as a believer, my life was no longer my own but Gods. And just like the sculptures we passed on the way in, I am ever so thankful that God took me, a lump of clay, and has fashioned me into something beautiful. We are in no way finished, He's still shaping and smoothing and cutting out pieces that don't fit anymore. But He's working. And this women standing in this room, she's different. She's changed. She's been so blessed. And she's so thankful.
We left the museum and I drove them around town a little. I showed them were I used to live and where their grandfather grew up. I showed them the house their great grandmother was born in. They kept asking, "Do you know anything else?" Oh kids, there is so much more I know, and don't worry, I'm teaching you. Little by little, I'm teaching you all I've learned. And I pray that you'll know far more and love so much deeper than I ever dreamed. May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand as you learn to trust Him with your life. Because my sweet child, you can trust Him no matter what. The dreams you have, give them to Him. He is the creator of all things.
Brewer, that love you have for color that you don't quite understand, it came from Him. Let him paint through you. Together, you can create a masterpiece beyond your wildest dreams.

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