The Martin 2014 Summer Bucket List

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Friends, I am a list maker and a list checker offer. If it's not on the list, we don't get it done. (Mostly because I wont remember to do it. Hence the list making ...) So, in the hopes that we don't go about summer as "usual" and hoping to let my kids have a little fun on their vacation, I've made a list!

And as a Type A rule follower, I've made some "rules" for my list:
1. We don't have to do everything on the list.
2. We can add things to the list.
3. We don't have to do it all in the first week! (that's a big one for me)
4. The List is only a guideline so we don't forget some special things we want to do.
5. The purpose of the list is to spend time together, making memories, loving on each other and those around us. If it becomes anything other than that, the list gets burned.

So Friends, here is what we'll be up to this summer! I hope to be checking things off soon. Hope you guys have a blast this summer. Keep safe, grow as a family, stretch your heart, love each other more. Learn more about who God is, who He created you to be and how you can teach your kids the same thing!

What's on your list this summer?

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