It's In The Bag: Things I don't leave the house without

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I set my purse down on the chair just outside the class where I would be teaching yoga in about 10 minutes. Two things hit me at once. 
1. My purse is very organized today. (I should really take a picture)
2. You can tell what occupies most of my time just by looking at this one picture.

So, let's take this one at a time, shall we?

1. I NEVER leave the house without my Midori Travelers Notebook. It has become my everyday planner, my note taker, my list maker, my stuff storer ... If you've never heard of it, just google it and you'll find there is a cult following out there. It kinda holds my life. At this point, I'd rather loose my phone than my MTN. And that's almost not a lie.

Here are some pictures on how I use it. 

2. PENS!! & More PENS!! I have a slight obsession with pens. And I want them to write well. My top two favorite pens right now are: Sharpie Fine Point and Steadtler Pens They are great with little to no bleed through. They make me happy and make my handwriting pretty. And the come in all kinds of colors. Win Win!

3.BOOKS!! Yeap ... Cat is out of the bag. I do not go anywhere without a book. It's either in my purse or on my phone's Kindle App. I am always reading something. And most times, I'm reading at least 2 books at a time. But here, what you'll see is a little different and you'll see a theme. In this picture:

An Essential Oils Catalog. (If you want to know more, or see one for yourself, Click HERE)
A Yoga & Oils Book. I have loved integrating essential oils into my practice. I'm learning so much and I can't help but share that with my students. 
And last but not least: 

The Essential Life Book is new ... and amazing! If you look closely in the picture, you'll notice that I've tagged several pages. Want one of your very own? Click Here. You will not be disappointed. 

4. My Hobo International Lauren Wallet. Ok, let me confess yet another addiction. Hobo International. Yes. I can not get enough. The problem is I am a yoga instructor and do not make enough money to support this addiction. So, this wallet was purchased off EBay. After months and months of searching for just the right one. If you are having an issue keeping your stuff together or having enough room, invest in this wallet. Check them out!

5. Essential Oils & Suppliments There are several essential oils you can see and several in a side zipper pocket. I keep handy a headache blend that I made myself. One is a grounding blend that encourages mental clarity. The other is a joy blend that enhances a cheerful mood. Using them together helps me think clearly and be happy! Want the headache blend recipe?

Do you need quality essential oils? Message me HERE for more information! I'll be happy to help. 

6. Business Cards I try to always have a business card within reach. Between instructing Holy Yoga or educating others about the benefits of using essential oils in your home, I want to be available to those around me. I have been beyond blessed with the life God has called me to. And I have been blessed by my Holy Yoga community. If you are local and would like to join us on your mat, find a class HERE. If you want to know more about essential oils, chick HERE. If you want to know more about using essential oils in your yoga practice, message me HERE! It would be my pleasure to get you started on your own journey. 

Well Friends, You've seen inside my soul ... I mean, my hand bag. Yeap, that's what I carry on a daily basis. Maybe soon, I'll tell you about all the oils in my bag. And maybe if you're really lucky, I'll share everything I use on a daily basis. Who am I kidding ... You know it's coming ... I can't stop talking about these oils that have changed the life of our family! 

What oils are you using daily? Leave me a comment and lets learn together!

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