I'm a Bad Blogger

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ok, the cats out of the bag. I'm a bag blogger!
My husband was out of town last week and things got really busy. I know, I know ... no excuses. But honestly, sometimes you've just got to take a step back and work on what you can. I have been working on a post ... mostly in my head while driving and in the shower or as I fall asleep at night. So its not so much on paper as it is a really great piece of work ... in my head. I know that I've been procrastinating on it because its the beginning of my testimony. The one I promised you. I have not forgotten. I'll have it up by this weekend. (and yes I do realize that its already Thursday)
I was planning on working it out today. I put Brewer on the bus and dropped Eva off at preschool and went to meet a new friend for breakfast. My plans were to head over to Starbucks after breakfast and work this thing all out. However God had much different plans for this day. I ended up spending most of the morning (my only free time) with my new friend. We got to know each other and my soul was strengthened! She was a breath of fresh air. There is something magical that happens when you open up with honesty about who you are and where you've been and all that God is doing and working in your life. I just can not wait to get to know her better.
And you know, I was able to say out load some of the things I've been working out in my head. It always sounds different on the outside than it does on the inside. Right?
So, for now, I'll leave you with some pictures of this past week. We've been busy, but we've had a lot of fun! Thank you friends for coming back! I'll see you this weekend!

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