Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Monday, November 18, 2013

So the 10 Things list has been making its way around Facebook a lot lately. I've been tagged by several friends to participate and I usually don't but I thought it might be fun. So instead of posting on Facebook I decided to post them here instead. We may have more in common than you thought!

1. I have 1 tattoo. My mom told me if I ever got inked she’d never let me live in her house again. I respected her “rule” even after I moved out. It’s one of the first things I did when I got married. I figured at that point, I was out of her house for good. I only have one tattoo because Im scared if I got another then I’d get another and another … you get the picture.
2. I am absolutely terrified of snakes. It’s a debilitating scared. It’s something I really need to work on. 
3. I could happily eat burnt buttered noodles every night for dinner. (or lunch …. or breakfast for that matter)
4. I’m afraid of the dark. I have a need to know what’s happening around me at all times so I know how I should react. I do not like to be surprised at all. It’s something God has been working on with me. Because honestly, this fear for me is rooted in my lack of trust in God.
5. My favorite color is Green. Or Brown. No, its green. Can I have two favorite colors? 
6. In high school, after my breakup with my first real love, I skipped school with two friends and went to Atlanta for the day. On the way home we almost ran out of gas because we spent all our money. I made a sign that said, “NEED GAS MONEY” and held it up against the window as we passed other cars until someone pulled over and gave us some. We got off the next exit and had to push the truck up to the gas pump.
7. I wear bike shorts under dresses. Initially for modesty while playing with my kids, but now I like them also for their spanx-like affects.
8.  I have a need to control everything even though I say I don’t. I blame it on my Type A personality, but really I think it’s about being scared.  Yet another thing God is working out in me.
9. I hate it when other people try to clean up in my kitchen. I’ve learned to be polite about it, but know this, when you leave I’m going to undo the dishwasher, re-clean and reload it. Maybe it’s part of my need for control. Maybe I’m just crazy. I don’t know.
10. I crave a simpler life but am always adding new things to my world. 
So there it is! For better or worse, ten things you might not know about me. Find out something new?


  1. #9 - That is my mom! She loves to host a party, but she refuses to let anyone help clean up. She cannot stand to have things done any way, but her way. Kind of makes me want to move back in with her, so that I wouldn't have to ever clean the kitchen again. If she won't take me, will you!?

    1. Mrs. White, you (and your boys) are welcome any time! Just don't mess with my dishwasher! ;)

  2. And now we know; Janet


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