He's Always Faithful

Sunday, December 15, 2013

As a mother, the most important thing to me is that my children learn to love the Lord God with all their hearts. Not only that they love Him, but they trust Him and follow Him and bring glory to His name all their lives. When I was pregnant with Brewer I had already lost 3 babies. I've written a little about that here if you want to take a look. I say that because at that point, I knew what it felt like to loose a baby. So as we were preparing for Brewer, Jamie and I would pray that if this child would not know, love and glorify the Lord with his life, then please don't let him be born either. You want to pray something hard? That's it. As much as I wanted to be a mother, I could not fathom bringing a life into the world that would not love and honor the very God that I trusted to bring me that child.

On June 28th of 2013, as we backed out of our parking place at church, the routine conversation began. What did you do at church today? Eva said something about the picture she drew and Brewer said, "I asked Jesus to come live in my heart." Jamie threw the car into park and we both turned around, "What? Tell me what happened? Who did you talk to? Why did no one tell us about this before we left?" My poor 5 year old boy, the questions were being hurled at him faster than he could answer. Jamie and I stopped and looked at each other and be both told ourselves to calm down. Let the boy speak. "Ok, Brewer, tell Mommy and Daddy what happened?"

"Well Mama, do you remember how we've been talking about how Jesus died on the cross for me?" Yes I did. "Well, remember how you said that you couldn't tell me when it was time but Jesus would let me know when it was time?" Yes I remembered. "Well today I was in the Club House (our preschooler's time of worship & bible story) and Mrs. Myra was signing and Jesus told me it was time. He said it in my heart. So I sat down and I prayed to Jesus to forgive me of all bad choices and to please come live in my heart and show me how to make wise choices."

Jamie and I looked at each other kinda dumfounded. I mean, I always thought I would get to be there, I would get to pray with my son and see his face and hear his voice. But God reminded me that Brewer was first His son and given to me to teach him how to love God. It was personal. It was Holy. And it was between Brewer and God.

"What did you do after that?" "Well, I got back up and started to sing with Mrs. Myra again." "Did you tell anyone?" "No, was I supposed to?" It was as simple as that. A child, who for months had asked question after question, and thought, and questioned, finally believed. I was overjoyed! There are no words to adequately describe how a mother feels at that moment.

For the next couple of months we have spent many hours of conversation with Brewer. He's spoken to our Minister to Children. We've prayed and talked and prayed and asked and answered a lot of questions. I can say that he knows the choice he made. Its genuine and its real.

Today, in church this morning, we had a time of carols and communion. Brewer came to "big church" with us and for the first time I had communion with my son. At the close of our service, Pastor gave a traditional time of invitation. Brewer looked up at me and said, "Mama, I need to go tell Pastor that I already asked Jesus to live in my heart. Then can I get baptized?" This Mama's heart again was overjoyed! I am so proud of my boy. Today was a very special day in the Martin Family.

My prayers for my son have changed. I no longer pray and yearn for his salvation. Its happened, its been answered. Its sealed. He faithfully answered yes. Now I pray for his sanctification. For a maturity and a deep burning fire to know God and to make him known. And because of testimony's like my Friend Amanda's, I know that its possible.

Because He's Always Faithful.


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  1. I am so thankful for you and how you and God are teaching Brewer! love you


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