The Top 5 Things I learned from my Mom

Thursday, May 8, 2014

There is absolutely no way I could write down everything I've learned from my mother. She has been more than a teacher, more than a confidant, more than a friend. She means more to me than I could every tell you in words. So in honor of Mothers Day this weekend, here are the top 5 things I've learned from my mother.

1.       Put God first. Surrender and be brave. He is always faithful and He will always provide. Trust Him with your life and with your heart.

2.       Respect your husband and his family. Marriage is hard even in the best of circumstances. Fight for your marriage. It's not always about compromise, sometimes its about sacrifice and sometimes its about getting more than you'll ever deserve.

3.       Love your children. No matter what. They can test you beyond your last patience.  That is were the Lords strength will completely take over and you can do amazing things through Him. Thank you mom for loving me beyond anything I could ever repay.

4.       Work hard. Be tired at the end of the day. Take pride in what you do and do it all for the Lord. Give Him all the glory.

5.       Service. Take care of those around you. See people the way God does and love them. Give to others out of the gifts you've been given.
Thank you mom for loving me. Happy Mothers Day!

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