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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friends, I am leaving tomorrow for Holy Yoga retreat. I am beyond words excited to see what all God has planned for me there. But more, what He wants me to bring back to you! I am completely in awe of the Great God we serve. He continutes to blow me away at every turn. 

Here is the playlist of songs that have meant something to me over the last few weeks and months. Looking toward Thanksgiving and trying to give thanks for all He's done. I will never live enough Thanksgivings to write them all down. I will just continue to be humbled ... over and over ... 

So here's the thing. If you noticed from the above playlist there are several songs missing. Steffany Gretzinger ... her album "The Undoing" has not been uploaded to Spottify. I'm so sorry to leave those songs out here. But they are listed above and I hope that you'll look them up other places and listen. 

Also, with so much going on and changing in November, I am not posting a schedule. I'll be teaching and I'll be out of town. If you want to find me, comment or email or text and I'll let you know where I'll be. 

Thank you Friends, for all your support! I can not wait to share with you after retreat!!

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